Risk Assessment Form

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  • Notes on completing this form

    This form needs to be completed to the best of your ability. We have enclosed below a list of risks you may want to consider.
  • Health & Safety Documentation

    All Penistone Agricultural Show's Health and Safety documentation is available in hard copy from our Safety Officer, Paula Ducker on 07702 903707.
  • Risk Assessment Levels

  • On subsequent pages of this form you will be asked to assess each Task / Hazard for a level of risk. Please adhere to these definitions in that assessment.
    LowPossible or slight chance to cause minor cuts, abrasions, bruising or sickness. Insignificant pollution.
    MediumGood chance or 50/50 likely of causing accident to occasion injury with more than 7 days off work or RIDDOR reportable. Pollution incident likely.
    HighHighly likely to cause injury and/or long term disability, even death and HSE prosecution or definite major CAT 2 pollution.
    Overall Residual Risk Rating is the highest risk rating identified.
  • Risks to Consider

  • This list is not exhaustive. Please consider all potential risks.
    FireCrowd controlMembers of publicSlips/Trips/FallsCooking processes
    Manual HandlingElectricEmployeesUneven groundWorking machinery
    ChemicalsWorking at heightsSharp objectsVehicle movementsSafe entrances / exits
    LPGGeneratorsWeatherCollapse of tents/fencing etcChildren
    Animals - PhysicalAnimals - BiologicalWelfareFood hygieneYoung employees
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