Risk Assessment Form

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  • Notes on completing this form

    This form needs to be completed to the best of your ability. We have enclosed below a list of risks you may want to consider.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy

    We are a volunteer-led charity with a positive attitude. We expect our staff and the public to treat one another with politeness and mutual respect. Nobody should be subjected to violent, threatening or abusive behaviour. Anybody falling below this expectation will be asked to leave.
  • Health & Safety Documentation

    All Penistone Agricultural Show's Health and Safety documentation is available in hard copy from our Safety Officer, Paula Ducker on 07702 903707.
  • Risk Assessment Levels

  • On subsequent pages of this form you will be asked to assess each Task / Hazard for a level of risk. Please adhere to these definitions in that assessment.
    LowPossible or slight chance to cause minor cuts, abrasions, bruising or sickness. Insignificant pollution.
    MediumGood chance or 50/50 likely of causing accident to occasion injury with more than 7 days off work or RIDDOR reportable. Pollution incident likely.
    HighHighly likely to cause injury and/or long term disability, even death and HSE prosecution or definite major CAT 2 pollution.
    Overall Residual Risk Rating is the highest risk rating identified.
  • Risks to Consider

  • This list is not exhaustive. Please consider all potential risks.
    FireCrowd controlMembers of publicSlips/Trips/FallsCooking processes
    Manual HandlingElectricEmployeesUneven groundWorking machinery
    ChemicalsWorking at heightsSharp objectsVehicle movementsSafe entrances / exits
    LPGGeneratorsWeatherCollapse of tents/fencing etcChildren
    Animals - PhysicalAnimals - BiologicalWelfareFood hygieneYoung employees
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