Companion Dog Show

DOGS Penistone Agricultural Show

The Dog Show Secretary is Joanne Elrod.  Joanne has been involved with showing and working her retrievers for over a decade.  As well as occasionally showing her dogs, she helps at working tests and field trials with the Three Ridings Labrador Club, where she is also a member of their Working Committee.

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Joanne Elrod

All entries are made on the day

Pedigree Show

Judge: Mrs Sharon Sargent (See Information & Guidance)
Entry Fee: TBC
Judging: Judging starts at 10:00am


  • – Any Variety Puppy 6-12 months                         

  • – Any Variety Junior 6-18 months                         

  • 3 – Any Variety Gundog

  • 4 – Any Variety Hound

  • 5 – Any Variety Pastoral

  • 6 – Any Variety Terrier

  • 7 – Any Variety Toy

  • 8 – Any Variety Utility

  • 9 – Any Variety Working

  • 10 – Any Variety Veteran over 7 years

  • 11 – Junior Handling up to 10 years

  • 12 – Junior Handing 10 – 18 years

  • Best Puppy in Show
  • Best in Show
  • Reserve Best in Show

Information & Guidance

Mrs Sharon Sargent

Sharon’s Kennel Club affix held jointly with her husband Richard, is Keriquel; Sharon has been showing dogs since 1985 with her first breed Basenjis, and then Siberian Huskies. For a while she showed both breeds, but since losing her last Basenji a few years ago Sharon has concentrated on her Siberians. They have owned and bred champions in both breeds and Sharon awards CCs in both breeds. Sharon has been fortunate to have judged both breeds at Crufts, Siberians in 2019 and Basenjis in 2022, and has also judged all the Hound and Working Breeds and Open shows, also varieties, Hound and Working Groups, and Best in Show. Along with her husband she is involved in working their Siberians, and have been successful in racing them, winning a number of gold, silver and bronze championship medals. They are now semi-retired from racing but still work their dogs, for the enjoyment of their dogs and themselves.

Novelty Show

Judge:Denise Depledge (See Information & Guidance)
Entry Fee:TBC – on the day
Judging:Judging starts at 10:00am


  • 13 – Most Handsome Dog                       
  • 14 – Prettiest Bitch                        
  • 15 – Best Cross Breed
  • 16 – Waggiest Tail
  • 17 – Best Groomed Dog
  • 18 – Cutest Puppy 6 – 18 months
  • 19 – Best Hairy Beast
  • 20 – Best smoothie (smooth coat)
  • 21 – Best Sitting Dog
  • 22 – Best Golden Oldie over 7 years
  • 23 – Dog Judge would like to take home
  • 24 – Best rescue
  • Best in Novelty Show

Information & Guidance

Denise Depledge

Denise has owned, bred and shown dogs for over 40 years and sat on various Show Committees as part of her love for animals. In her showing days she owned one of the top young show Dobermans in the UK and Ireland. Denise also ran a purpose bred Whippet cross Doberman in agility, whose amazing performances attracted the attention of the press at the time. Denise was never sure whether to refer to him as a Whipperman or Dobet! Denise presently has four Labradors and a Doberman puppy.