PIGS Penistone Agricultural Show

Welcome to the Penistone Agricultural Show Pigs section.

With thanks to our sponsors / supporters:

  • Gary Pearson / Electric Gate Company
  • Welsh Rare Breed Society
  • Goldthorpes Mill
  • Bramalls and Son
  • Ye Olde Horns Pub, Bradfield
  • Royal Hotel, Dungworth
  • Gavin Pawson
  • Jeff Drem Lloyd
  • Jason Knaggs
  • Paul Schofield Butchers



Lee Dunkley

Email: pigs.secretary@penistoneshow.com


Closing date:SATURDAY 26th AUGUST 2023

**Champion Pig in Show prize £250**

**Best Young Handler prize £200**

Entry fee £5 per pig per class (class 11 is £5 per pair) plus admin fee (shown at the end of the appplication)

Judging will commence at 9am

Pigs to be penned by 8am, pigs arriving after this time will be refused entry

Pigs must not leave until the end of the show.

Water and bedding will be on offer

Penistone Agricultural Show can offer both free camping* and parking in the vicinity of the pig section for exhibitors, plus other facilities.

(*if wishing to camp please make a note on entry form)

Information & Guidance

All Pigs must be registered in the published volume or accepted for entry in a forthcoming volume of the British Pig Association Herd Book or British Lop Pig Society Herd Bok. Animals registered in a Grading Register of a Herd Book are not eligible for entry in Agricultural Show classes.

The ear number, registered name, herd book number and date of birth must be on the entry form.

For sow classes, please supply last farrowing date. Female pigs (all breeds) born before 1st January 2022 shall be eligible to compete only if in the six calendar months prior to the show they have farrowed, suckled and reared a litter of pigs to four weeks of age.

Pens only available strictly for pigs. No kit pens to be booked. There will be a separate area for exhibitors and their equipment. Number of pens required (pigs only) to be included on entry form.

No boars to be exhibited in young handler or novice classes.

Classes may be split depending on breed types and numbers entered as Penistone Agricultural Show’s discretion.

Pig Classes

Entry Fee:£5.00 (unless otherwise stated)

See Information & Guidance

Judging:Commences at 9am


Traditional Breed Classes

  • 1 – Sow any age
  • 2 – July gilt, born 1/7/22 – 31/12/22
  • 3 – January gilt, born after 1/1/23
  • 4 – Boar born after 1/1/23
  • 5 -Best traditional pig in show (judged from winners of classes 1-4)

Modern Breed Classes

  • 6 – Sow any age
  • 7 – July gilt, born 1/7/22 – 31/12/22
  • 8 – January gilt, born after 1/1/23
  • 9 – Boar born after 1/1/23
  • 10 – Best traditional pig in show (judged from winners of classes 1-4)

Mixed Classes

  • 11 – Matching Pair

Penistone Youth Pig Pageantry – overall 1st prize £200, sponsored by ‘The Dyfodol Herd’

  • 12 – Young Handler – Male (aged 9 years and under)
  • 13 – Young Handler – Female (aged 9 years and under)
  • 14 – Young Handler – Male (aged 10 to 18 years)
  • 15 – Young Handler – Female (aged 10 to 18 years)

Novice Class

  • 16 – Best Novice Handler (aged 19 years and over)

Novelty Class

  • 17 – Best Fancy Dress (pig and handler) – free to enter

Championship Classes

  • 18 – Best Young Handler Championship (winners of classes 12,13,14 and 15 qualify) – 1st prize £200
  • 19Best pig in show (1st and 2nd place from classes 5 and 10 qualify)


Information & Guidance


Best pig in show

Supreme Champion £225

Reserve Champion £75

1st Reserve £50


Best young handler championship

1st place £200

2nd Place £50

3rd Place £25


Classes 1-4, 6-9 & 11-16

1st place £40

2nd place £25

3rd place £12

4th place £6


Winners of Class 5 and 10 will receive rosettes and 1st and 2nd will gain entry to best pig in show.

Class 17 comes with Rosette award and pig food donated by Goldthorpes, this class is free to enter.