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Use the ONLINE ENTRY FORM for entering all details online, with no need to post. Payment can be made online at the end of the form (or printed for cheque / bank transfer later) and a copy of the completed form will be emailed to you for your records.

Use the MANUAL ENTRY FORM for downloading / printing a blank form to complete offline. This form will need to be posted.

Interested in photography?

When Penistone camera Club started over 50 years ago, no one could have guessed how much photography was about to change. Nowadays with the vast selection of modern cameras on the market anyone, whatever level they are, can enter the world of photography. 

The Camera Club caters for all levels of photography and all interests whether it be portrait, landscape or wildlife. Wemeet every Wednesday at 7.30pm at St Johns Community Centre Church Street Penistone.

Potential new members pay the weekly sub of £1 for the first four weeks and can then decide if they want to join. The annual subscription is currently £40. 

Please visit the clubs web site for more information.


Mr P Cartwright

3 Tennyson Close



S36 6GY