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Class #DescriptionFirstSecondThird
CHAMPIONMr Armitage, from Flockton Jersey Heifer in calf
R CHAMPIONJ & E Dickinson,from Ardsley Jersey Heifer age no more than 12 months on show day
1Heifer age no more than 12 months on show dayJ & E Dickinson, Ardsley Mr Armitage, Flockton Mr Armitage, Flockton
2Heifer aged between 12 months & 18 months on show dayMr Armitage
3Heifer in calf under 3 years of ageMr Armitage
4Pairs -both animals to be owned by the exhibitorMr Armitage Flockton
CHAMPIONOwen Armitage age 12 from Flockton with ‘Natalie on Time’
RESERVE CHAMPIONAlex Spray age from Ardsley with Holmfirth Broiler Sarah
5Dairy Heifer – handler to be age 11 or under on Show DayAlex Spray from, Ardsley Barnsley
6Dairy Heifer – handler to be aged between 12-16 on Show DayOwen Armitage from Flockton Wakefield
7Dairy Heifer – handler to be aged between 17-26 on show dayNo entries
CHAMPIONEllie Wynn from Matlock with ‘Black Magic’ British Blue Cross
R CHAMPIONW Hardy & Sons from Lambley Notts with ‘Malibu’ Aberdeen Angus Cross
8Butcher Steer, Limousin CrossR J Wilkinson Gainsborough with Take That
9Butcher Heifer Limousin CrossW Hardy & Sons from Lambley with Bacardi
10Butcher Steer, British Blue CrossEllie Wynne from Matlock with Black Magic British Blue X
11Butcher Heifer British Blue CrossEllie Wynne from Matlock with Honey British Blue X
12Butcher Steer sired by any other British Native or Continental breed G C Raper from Thorne Doncaster with Ginger Bread British Blue X
13Butcher Heifer sired by any other British Native or Continental breedW Hardy & Sons from Lambley Malibu
14Best Butcher bull born before 31.12.20015S & N Jowett from Thornton Bradford with Oddacres Ludwig Limousin
15Pair of Butcher Beef type cattle both animals to be owned by the same exhibitorW Hardy & Sons from Lambley Notts
CHAMPIONJ & W LAIGHT from Cowbridge Boston with Witham Bauk Javelin British Blue
R CHAMPIONB Marsden from Millhouse Green with Kin Annie Aberdeen Angus
CHAMPIONEllie Wynne age 14 from Matlock
51Best Beef Type – Handler to be 11 or under on Show DayGeorge Hardy age 8 from Thornton Katie Garside age 8Issy Barker age 11
52Best Beef Type – Handler to be aged between 12-16 on Show DayEllie Wynne age 14 from MatlockAlicia legg age 15 from Lambley
53Best Beef Type – Handler to be aged between 17-26 on Show DayAnna Hiley
CHAMPIONPat Varley from Queensbury with Millington Juliet
RESERVE CHAMPIONR S Lunn from Slaithwaite with Foxhill Farm jessie
19Bull under 18 monthsPat Varley from QueensburyStuart Littlewood from New MillStuart Littlewood from New Mill
20Bull over 18 monthsNo Entries
21Heifer under 18 monthsNo Entries
22Heifer over 18 monthsPat Varley from QueensburyS Lunn from SlaithwaitePeter Hunt from Bakewell
23Heifer in calf or with calf at footS Lunn from Slaithwaite Huddersfield
24Cow in calf or with calf at footS Lunn from Slaithwaite Huddersfield
25Pairs both animals to be owned by the exhibitorS Lunn from Slaithwaite HuddersfieldPat Varley from QueensburyStuart Littlewood from New Mill
CHAMPIONJ & W Laight Cowbridge Boston with ‘Withay Bank Javelin’ British Blue
RESERVE CHAMPIONEllie Wynne Ashbourne with ‘Kylie’ Pedigree Belgian Blue
26Bull born on or before 31.12.2014J & W Laight Cowbridge Boston
27Bull born on or after 01.01.2015No Entries
28Heifer born on or before 31.12.2014J & W Laight Cowbridge BostonEllie Wynne Matlock
29Heifer Born on or after 01.01.2015Ellie Wynne AshbourneJ & W Laight Cowbridge BostonJ & W Laight Cowbridge Boston
30Cow in calf or with calf at footW J Hollingworth MidhopestonesK & A Jackson
31Paris,both animals to be owned by the exhibitorJ & W Laight Cowbridge BostonJ & W Laight Cowbridge Boston
17Beef Steer calf any b reed or weight born in 2016 with potential for 2017NO ENTRIES
18Beef Heifer Calf any breed or weight born in 2016 with potential for 2017Ellie Wynne with a british BlueJ & W Laight with a British BlueW J Hollingworth Simmental
CHAMPIONJack Henry from Brighouse with Jess
RESERVE CHAMPIONRebecca Abbott with ‘Moralee 1 Magic’
32Bull born on or before 31.12.2014No entries
33Bull born on or after 01.01.2015Rebecca Abbott with ‘Moralee 1 Magic’
34Heifer born on or before 31.12.2014No entries
35Heifer born on or after 01.01.2015Jack Henry from Brighouse P MasseyP Massey
36Cow in calf or with calf at footNo entries
37Pairs both animals to be owned by the exhibitorPhil MasseyCrawford?
CHAMPIONB Marsden from Millhouse Green with Kin Annie Aberdeen Angus
45Bull born on or before 31.12.2014No Entries
46Bull born on or after 01.01.2015No Entries
47Heifer born on or after 31.12.2014No Entries
48Heifer born on or after 01.01.2015No Entries
49Cow in calf or with calf at footBen Marsden Millhouse Green
50Pairs both animals to be owned by the exhibitorNo Entries
CHAMPIONT P Radford with Caileag Ghrinn
RESERVE CHAMPIONRobert Wain with Furan Dorothy of the Rose
38Bull any ageKeith Gascoigne from FlocktonRobert Wain from MatlockKeith Gascoigne
39Cow in calf or in milk before 01.01.2013Robert Wain from MatlockAlison Whitehead from QueensburyRobert Bradley
40Calf born in 2016Allison Whitehead from QueensburyAllison WhiteheadRobert Wain from Matlock
41Heifer born in 2013S & L Burnett MirfieldRobert Wain from Matlock
42Heifer born in 2014T P Radford GranthamS & L Burnett MirfieldRobert Wain Matlock
43Heifer born in 2015Robert Bradley Robert Wain from MatlockKeith Gascoigne
44Pairs both animals to be owned by the exhibitorKeith GascoigneT P RadfordRobert Wain from Matlock


Class #DescriptionFirstSecondThird
1Anglo Nubian GoatlingKinmea Summer – Mrs V HardyKinmea Sandy – Mrs V HardyKlimova Ivet -Miss M Iveson
2British Saanen GoatlingAvenue Snowflake – Mr D ShipleyAbsent
3British Toggenburg GoatlingAbsentAbsent
4British Alpine GoatlingAvenue Abrabella – Mr D ShipleyAbsent
5Golden Guernsey GoatlingStapebeck Florenece – Miss M Iveson
6Any Other Variety GoatlingAbsent
7Anglo Nubian KidsKinmea Siobhan – Mrs V HardyKinmea Mollie – Mrs V HardyKlimova Jamala – Miss M Iveson
8British Saanen KidsMicean Alison – Mr M BoocockMicean Anita – Mr M BoocockKindur Gemini – Miss M Iveson
9British Toggenburg KidsAbsentAbsentAbsent
10British Alpine KidsAvenue Willow – Mr D ShipleyAbsent
11Golden Guernsey KidsHeeley Delf – Heeley City FarmHeeley Duchess – Heeley City FarmHeeley Daffodil – Heeley City Farm
12Any Other Variety KidsAvenue Blackberry – Mr D ShipleyAbsent
13Anglo Nubian MilkersKinmea Miranda – Mrs V HardyKinmea Maddie – Mrs V HardyKinmea Sian – Mrs V Hardy
14British Saanen MilkersAvenue Snowdrop – Mr D ShipleyMicean Julie – Mr M BoocockMicean Judy – Mr M Boocock
15British Toggenburg MilkersAbsent
16British Alpine MilkersAvenue Teasel – Mr D ShipleyAbsent
17Golden Guernsey MilkersMuircock Tilly – Heeley City FarmHeeley Myrtle – Heeley City FarmGoldengirl Beatrice – Heeley City Farm
Best in Show Best MilkerBest GoatlingBest Kid
Kinmea Miranda – Mrs V HardyKinmea Miranda – Mrs V HardyKinmea Summer – Mrs V HardyKinmea Siobhan – Mrs V Hardy
Reserve Best in Show Reserve Best MilkerReserve Best GoatlingReserve Best Kid
Avenue Snowdrop – Mr D ShipleyAvenue Snowdrop – Mr D ShipleyAvenue Snowflake – Mr D ShipleyMicean Alison – Mr M Boocock


Class #DescriptionFirstSecondThird
1Pegged rugLesley Skelton(only 1 entry in this class)
2Canvas workKaren TownMrs M DysonMrs M Dyson
3Greetings cardCath ChallinorJulie GloverLesley Skelton
4Crochet and laceTracy ColdwellAnna MottTracy Coldwell
5 Patchwork and quiltingDianne CalvertSheila BrammerKathryn Smyth
6Cushion or pin cushionKathryn SmythAnna MottKate McManus
7Any embroidered articleWendy ToobyDawn MeadWendy Tooby
8Any beadworkLesley SkeltonWendy ToobyMrs B Burnard
9Hand knitted garmentAnna MottJanet UnderwayAnna Mott
10Knitted soft toyRosemary EcobCath ChalinorPatricia Templeton
11Soft toy (fabric)Kathryn Smyth(only 1 entry in this class)
12Handicraft (soft material)Karen Town Wendy ButtLesley Skelton
13 Handicraft (hard material)Mrs B BurnardKenneth ButtLesley Skelton
14Picture any mediaMrs D MerryWendy ButtBarrie Dowd
15Wooden toyNo entries in this class
16Picture any mediaRoy SmithWendy ButtMrs D Merry
17Oil paintingAndrew ParkerMrs D MerryMrs S M Millward
18Water colour / water based paintMrs D MerryMrs M SnaithPauline Goldingay
19Black and white pictureAndrea DanielsDerek SmithMrs D Merry
20Woodwork / carvingJohn JonesDavid SmythOnly 2 entries in this class
21SculptureJ KershawJanice HopsonJ Kershaw
22JewelleryLesley SkeltonMrs B BurnardAnn Byard
23Digi-art designNo entries in this class
24Collage Beatrix Potter themedNo entries in this class
25Cane or basket workNo entries in this class
26Decorated cardboard containerAnn ByardLesley SkeltonOnly 2 entries in this class
27Handicraft-pottery, glass w-ironJudith DaviesOnly 1 entry in this class
28Picture any mediaEleanor AustinEmma JordanGeorgie Bann
29Model scarecrowElsie CoxElizabeth PepperApril Riley
30Insect any designFrankie KellyEleanor AustinLewis Pepper
31Shoe box (space themed)Emma JordanLewis PepperElizabeth Pepper
32Decorated plant potEleanor AustinElizabeth PepperFrankie Kelly
33Picture any mediaAubrey AustinStephan KnowlesClaudie Spencer
34Shoe box (space themed)Sam JordanAubrey AustinBethany Stephenson
35Decorated papier mache animalSam JordanJack ClappertonBethany Stephenson
36Small cross-stitch / felt designSam Jordan
37Dried flower / grasses pictureMartha RobinsonG Fitzpatrick
38Miniature model butterflyBethany StephensonAubrey AustinJack Clapperton
39Shell / pebble collageEllie SpencerJamie Poulson-KellyZoe Everett
40Small cross-stitch / felt designAnnie WaltersHannah AckerleyAbbie Stephenson
41Book cover designEsme RobertsLucy MooreSophie Moore
42Papier mache space man modelG FitzpatrickOnly 1 entry for this class
43Computer aided design pictureAbbie StephensonOnly 1 entry for this class
44Piece of handwritingRebecca HirstKatherine ShewringLena Young
45Picture any mediaBenjamin AseervathamJack ShewringIsobel Cox
46Any handicraft – hard materialEllie SpencerJack ShewringKatherine Shewring
47Child’s toyLucy AmosLaura AckerleyKarina Pilbery
48Picture any mediaEllie pearceTom KnowlesAlice Fielding
49MinecraftNiamh Burke-TomlinsonOnly 1 entry in this class
50Any handicraft soft materialHolly WilliamsJasmine HillBeth Green
51Recycled pair of denim jeansNiamh Burke-TomlinsonOnly 1 entry in this class
52SculptureIsobel MoseleyKarina PilberyCeleste Pepper
53Decorated bagSophie EllamAbbie ShawOnly 2 entries in this class
54Decorated cushionChloe MottNiamh Burke -TomlinsonOnly 2 entries in this class
55Pre-school picture any mediaNo entries in this class
56Infants wall hangingNo entries in this class
57Juniors model any mediaNo entries in this class


Class #DescriptionFirstSecondThird
1Victoria sandwich (men)Richard BroxupIan StanleyMike Swinn
2Victoria sandwich (women)Rachel SpenceleyEstelle PepperRuth Thomas
Best in ShowVictoria sandwichRachel Spenceley
ReserveVictoria sandwichRichard Broxup
3Lemon Drizzle CakeJoanne SharpJanet BowdNigel Petter
4Swiss RollAmanda WoodwardMrs BarkerHazel Stephenson
5Novelty Celebration CakeKathryn FinneyMia Pinson
6Fruit SconesRachel SpenceleyRuth ThomasMrs Barker
7Ginger BiscuitsRuth ThomasMrs McManusAmanda Woodward
8Decorated Cup CakesEstelle PepperAbi BaxterCharlotte Beaumont
9Yorkshire Curd TartMrs O LaneJoanne SharpAmanda Woodward
10Round of FlapjackJoy BramallHannah Goldingay-JordanHeather Kennet
11Wholemeal LoafMrs BarkerSheila BrammerMegan Rostern
12Date and Walnut LoafMrs McManusMrs CollinsonSheila Brammer
13Cheese and Onion PastiesStephen DeyAnne BaileyHeather Kennet
Best in ShowOpen BakingMrs Barker
14Strawberry / Raspberry JamMrs MatthewmanMrs CollinsonAnthony Walker
15Any other soft fruitAnthony WalkerHazel StephensonJacqueline Stanley
16MarmaladeJoanne SharpMrs BarkerNigel Petter
17Lemon CurdJanet BowdIan StanleyHelen Riley
18ChutneyMrs MatthewmanDave PickersgillHelen Civico
19PiccalilliMr & Mrs SpencerMrs BarkerJulie Thompson
20Savoury JellyJoanne SharpJoanne SharpMrs Barker
Best in ShowPreservesMrs D Matthewman
21Plain FudgeJoe HughesSarah ShawMegan Rostern
22Rum and Raisin FudgeMegan RosternAnna MottTheo Hughes
23Chocolate TrufflesAndrea HoneyboneJanet BowdHerbie Shaw
24Coconut IceJanet BowdLouise HughesHeather Kennet
25Celebration BoxMegan RosternMegan Rostern
Best in ShowConfectionaryAndrea Honeybone
BEST EXHIBIT UNDER 16Best Exhibit under 16Joe Hughes
26Sweet White WinePeter KennetTim BoothTony Lane
27Sweet Red WinePeter KennetTony LaneSheila Brammer
28Dry White WineTony LaneMrs CollinsonMatthew Lawton
29Dry Red WinePeter KennetTony LaneMatthew Lawton
30Medium/Dry RoseTony LaneMrs CollinsonIrene Dowd
31Lager/BitterPeter KennetMatthew LawtonPatrick Bailey
32CiderPeter KennetMr & Mrs SpencerPatrick Bailey
Best in ShowWineTony Lane
34Light HoneyTony LaneMark MillardMark Millard
35Medium HoneyTony LaneMark Millard
38Granular/Soft SetMark MillardVal FrancisTony Lane
39Frame of HoneyGary FrancisTony Lane
40aBottle of Dry MeadMark MillardTony Lane
40bBottle of Sweet MeadMark MillardTony Lane
41Cake of WaxMark MillardMark MillardMrs O Lane
42Cut CombTony Lane
43Two Beeswax CandlesMrs O LaneGary FrancisGary Francis
45Honey Fruit CakeVal FrancisMrs D MatthewmanMrs O Lane
Best in ShowHoney Tony Lane
46Pasta PictureXander BradleyLouise DraysonEmma Jordan
47Decorated EggsEleanor AustinRuby BirleyBrook Clapperton
48No Bake Chocolate SliceFrankie KellyEleanor AustinApril Riley
Best in ShowPre-SchoolXander Bradley
49Monster Face PizzaSam JordanBethany StephensonAubrey Austin
50Iced and Decorated BunsJack ClappertonFlynn RogersBethany Stephenson
51Animal Shaped BiscuitsMartha RobinsonJack ClappertonBethany Stephenson
Best in ShowInfantsMartha Robinson
52Decorated Cup CakesHannah AckerleyGrace WebsterKatherine Shewring
53Jam TartsSam SpenceleyZoe EverettOrla Burke-Tomlinson
54Decorated CakeEmma RobinsonBilly GoodinsonKatherine Shewring
Best in ShowJuniorsHannah Ackerley
55Decorated Cup CakesJessica MeachenNellie WebsterAmy Greenwood
56Fruit FlanJoe HughesNicola Greenwood
57Decorated CakeLucy AmosLaura AckerleyNellie Webster
Best in ShowTeenagersJessica Meachen


Class #Horse TypeClass TypeCompetitors / Owners NameResult
1Ridden HunterLightweightA. Short1
1Ridden HunterLightweightJ. Hackworth2
1Ridden HunterLightweightR.V. Gaunt3
2Ridden HunterMiddleweightG. Rogan1
2Ridden HunterMiddleweightB. Cook2
2Ridden HunterMiddleweightS. Dickey3
3Ridden HunterHeavyweightM. Balmforth1
3Ridden HunterMiddleweightK. Pearson2
3Ridden HunterHeavyweightS. Smith3
3aSide SaddleSide SaddleL. Lane1
3aSide SaddleSide SaddleC. Smith2
3aSide SaddleSide SaddleR. Pearson3
4DrivingPrivate DrivingJ. Dobson1
4DrivingPrivate DrivingM.N. Clough2
4DrivingPrivate DrivingD. Blackburn3
5DrivingExcercise CartE. Bool1
6Shire3yrs +W. Bedford1
6Shire3yrs +F.W. Richardson & Son2
6Shire3yrs +G. Robinson3
7ShireBrood MareL.M. Fountain1
7ShireBrood MareF.W. Richardson & Son2
7ShireBrood MareJ.S. Cross3
8ShireColt FoalL.M. Fountain1
9ShireFilly FoalJ.S. Cross1
9ShireFilly FoalF.W. Richardson & Son2
9ShireFilly FoalR. Bedford3
10ShireYearlingG. Robinson1
10ShireYearlingJ. Richardson2
11Shire2yr OldP. Bedford1
11Shire2yr OldG. Robinson2
11Shire2yr OldD. Cosgrove3
12ShirePairsF.W. Richardson & Son1
12ShirePairsG. Robinson2
12ShirePairsJ. Richardson3
13ShireHOYSP. Bedford1
13ShireHOYSW. Bedford2
13ShireHOYSF.W. Richardson & Son3
16ShireYoung HandlerJ. Richardson1
17ShireAny Other Rec. BreedJ. Taylor1
17ShireAny Other Rec. BreedY. Goward & J. White2
18ShireRidden ShireJ. Richardson1
18ShireRidden ShireJ. Richardson2
18ShireRidden ShireW. Chapman3
19Best DecoratedDecorated HarnessY. Goward & J. White1
21M&M In Hand Large2&3yr OldC. Goldstraw1
22M&M In Hand LargeFoalJ. Spencer1
23M&M In Hand LargeStallionD. Vychinski1
23M&M In Hand LargeStallionC. Goldstraw2
23M&M In Hand LargeStallionS. Rhodes3
24M&M In Hand Large4yrs +G. Jones1
24M&M In Hand Large4yrs +K. Wobschall2
24M&M Large In Hand4yrs + LargeL.J. Hallam3
25M&M In Hand SmallYearlingJ.A. Armstrong1
25M&M In Hand SmallYearlingT. Kersey2
26M&M In Hand Small2&3yr OldJ.A. Armstrong1
28M&M In Hand SmallStallionG. Jones1
29M&M In Hand Small4yrs +B. Keenan1
29M&M In Hand Small4yrs +J.A. Armstrong2
30Ridden ClassesHorseS. Smith1
30Ridden ClassesHorseC. Taylor2
30Ridden ClassesHorseM. Sweeting3
31Ridden ClassesLead ReinP. Mountain1
31Ridden ClassesLead ReinS. Parker2
31Ridden ClassesLead ReinS.L. Hird3
32Ridden ClassesPony under 12.2hhS. Mellor1
32Ridden ClassesPony under 12.2hhS.L. Moore3
32Ridden ClassesPony under 12.2hhCaroline Grey-Nicholson2
33Ridden ClassesPony under 13.2hhR. Pearson1
34Ridden ClassesPony under 14.2hhS. Smith1
34Ridden ClassesPony under 14.2hhL. Walker2
34Ridden ClassesPony not over 14.2hhJ. Firth3
35Ridden M&MLead ReinJ. Lipscombe-Plant1
35Ridden M&MLead ReinH. Ellam2
36Ridden M&M1st RiddenS.L. Moore1
36Ridden M&M1st RiddenS. Mellor2
36Ridden M&M1st RiddenCaroline Grey-Nicholson3
37Ridden M&MOpen SmallS. Blyth1
37Ridden M&MOpen SmallG. Jones2
38Ridden M&MOpen LargeG. Jones1
38Ridden M&MOpen LargeC. Goldstraw2
38Ridden M&MOpen LargeH. Roddis3
39Ridden M&MOpen LargeL. Bamforth1
39Ridden M&MOpen LargeE.A.Haigh2
39Ridden M&MOpen LargeG. Jones3
40CHAPSYoungstockH.R. Heppenstall1
41CHAPSNative Ridden HorseT. Wittamore1
41CHAPSNative Ridden HorseM. Sweeting2
41CHAPSNative Ridden HorseE. Lewis3
42CHAPSNative Ridden PonyJ. Mosley1
42CHAPSNative Ridden PonyJ. Lipscombe-Plant2
43CHAPSNon Native Ridden HorseR.V.Gaunt1
43CHAPSNon Native Ridden HorseR. Brown2
44CHAPSNon Native Ridden PonyR. Pearson1
44CHAPSNon Native Ridden PonyC. Taylor2
44CHAPSNon Native Ridden PonyJ. Godson3
45CHAPSNative In-HandT. Richardson1
45CHAPSNative In-HandJ. Mosley2
45CHAPSNative In-HandS. Jablongski3
46CHAPSNon Native In HandR. Pearson1
46CHAPSNon Native In HandH.R. Heppenstall2
47Fancy DressFancy DressCaroline Grey-Nicholson1
47Fancy DressFancy DressA. Peace2
47Fancy DressFancy DressV. Pears3
61DonkeyBest ConditionE. Bool1
62DonkeyMale 4yrs +E. Bool1
62DonkeyMale 4yrs +P. Olivant2
63DonkeyMale 4yrs +T.A. Morris2
64DonkeyYoungstockP. Olivant1
64DonkeyYoungstockT.A. Morris2
65DonkeyYoung HandlerT.A. Morris1
67ShetlandsStallionA. Ledger1
67ShetlandsStallionC.S. Hollands2
68Shetlands4yrs+L. Gregory1
68Shetlands4yrs+S. Adams2
68Shetlands4yrs+A. Wilkinson3
70Shetlands1, 2 or 3yr OldsL. Gregory1
70Shetlands1, 2 or 3yr OldsC. Cooper2
70Shetlands1, 2 or 3yr OldsV. Goldsborough3
71ShetlandsRiddenJ. Lipscombe-Plant1
71ShetlandsRiddenS. Adams2
72ShetlandsYoung HandlersA. Horne1
72ShetlandsYoung HandlersS. Adams2