Vintage Vehicles Section

The Vintage Vehicles and stationary engines are a major attraction at Penistone Show. In visiting this section of the show you will enter a world of steam, highly polished brass, gleaming vehicles in all their glory, duely attended by, proud enthusiasts in overalls, always willing to impart and share their knowledge.

Most will need no urging to fit this into a visit, but for those who have yet to experience the unique atmosphere, be sure to have a look.

The show is proud of its display of vintage vehicles, some of which, travel huge distances to be with us.

The vehicles and machines at the show, may for some be no more than curiosities, but for many they are a link to a past, that at times can seem like a dream. Here are stationary engines, once used to drive binders and threshing machines; you might find a truck with the sign written by hand in real gold leaf; and try and make time for those wonderful old British motorbikes, each with its distinctive shape - not to mention, noise.


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