Penistone Show 2016 - photos by Fionnuala Donnelly Schmidt

Horticulture Section

Last year the horticulture exhibits were a credit to all those dedicated and enthusiastic people, who have devoted much of their time to growing some beautiful flowers, fruit and vegetables, all of which were admired by our many visitors.

Our children's section continues to be popular as well as colourful, with creative animals, all constructed from fruit and vegetables, magnificent miniature gardens and some very unusual cress heads.

This year we have some exciting new classes in the roses section, so I'm looking forward to this flourishing and creating a lot of interest. We hope to inspire the adults in their own novelty section, with classes for carved melons or squash or even perhaps a decorated squash or gourd.

Janice Hopson
Section Secretary


Mrs J Hopson
14 Windermere Road,
Sheffield S36 8HL
Tel:  01226 766 454

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