Pigs Section

Come along to the Pig Ring and enjoy a wonderful spectacle of traditional breeds showcasing Britain's unique heritage. Come and learn about the 'Plum Pudding Pig', the 'Orchard Pig', the 'Thin Rind Pig', the London Porker' and many more.

Join the judging of the prettiest pig in the Show, then spend some time in the Pig Tent, getting up close to the animals in their pens. Why  not let your children play with some mischievous little piglets.

The one thing you can be sure of is that you will leave feeling jollier, for pigs have the knack of spreading good cheer.

Comw and find out how pigs really make you smile.


Heather Harrison

Woodend Avenue



Sheffie490156ld S36 6FX

Tel: 07517 

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