Sheep Section

The Penistone Sheep is famous far beyond the southern Pennines.  Large and strong, with spectacular horns, it is known locally as the Whitefaced Woodland, and we are proud to feature it at Penistone Show. It is officially classified as rare.

We also welcome many other breeds, all with a strong commercial entry such as Texel, Suffolk and ryelands to mention a few.

For anyone with an interest in keeping sheep, Penistone Show is a good place to start, with knowledgeable enthusiasts on every side.  Craft spinners and knitters will also find much to interest them, while the casual spectator is sure to be entertained.  Sheep have been part of Penistone for as long as anyone can remember, and it looks as if their future here is still very bright.


Mrs E Earnshaw

contact details to follow shortly.

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