8th May 2016

Sorry I haven’t had much chance to update the blog as I’ve been so busy on the farm.

Our lambing season has been going quite well and all the sheep and lambs are back out to grass.  It’s been an extremely busy time for all of us as you can imagine.  The sheep and lambs are looking very well but the staff look terrible and in need of a good rest!!

The weather has been difficult and extreme with snow last week and the glorious sun the past few days.  There hasn’t been anything for them to graze and the ewes were struggling a little for milk.

The cows have now started to calve and so that’s going to be busy again for us.  Fingers crossed that the weather now stays warm and the grass grows.

Here is a photograph of my pregnant mare Ffion enjoying the sunshine today.  She is our Welsh cob and is due on the 18th May!  I’m very excited!

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